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Here at Numeric, we know the construction game, especially from the numbers side. We help many business owners in the building and construction industry and would love to chat to you too.

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We know that running a construction business is hard work, especially if you don’t have an accountant that understands you and the trades industry. You’ll be glad to know Steve speaks your language. We’re honest people and won’t waste your time with confusing accounting terminology or reports. You can expect straightforward business advice in plain and simple English.

We’ll help you build a successful business

After working with many builders, tradies and construction companies for years, we realised just how important it is for them to have an accountant that fits well with their business. We understand the challenges you face in your business every day and we’re here to help.

As you would know, a rock-solid foundation is one of the most important parts of a building. It’s exactly the same when it comes to your business. A successful business has a good foundation of accounting and tax that holds it all up. Without accurate accounts and financial information, you simply can’t expect long-term growth. That’s where Steve comes in.

We understand the construction game

Your day-to-day life is busy. You’re always on the road, working long hours in a physically demanding job, trying to meet tight deadlines and comply with strict regulations. You’re constantly chasing up payments from your customers (and dreading it!). That stress leads you to forget your invoicing and admin so you’re left wondering when you’re actually going to be paid. Plus, you’re not sure if you’ll have enough money left to pay your suppliers and taxes. What a nightmare!

Does any of that sound familiar right? We get it.

We’ve worked with builders and construction companies for many years solving problems just like these.

We’ll help you get rid of paperwork

With Xero’s modern accounting software, you’ll be able to save time, get rid of paper records and streamline your business. It allows you to run your business on the go and gives you access to real-time financial data. This means you can make decisions in an instant and your advisor will have more accurate information too. We also partner with other useful apps like Receipt Bank to save you even more time and stress.

We’ll help you get paid faster

At Numeric, we understand cashflow is a major problem for many businesses. That’s why we place a huge focus on helping you reduce your debtor days, invoice immediately using Xero and ultimately, get paid faster.

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